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ISE's product line includes a broad range of thermocouples and RTD's of all types. We maintain a large inventory of thermocouples, thermocouple accessories and thermocouple wire. Your custom requirements can also be easily accommodated. All our thermocouples and RTD's are of the highest quality and will provide the best value in your application.

Key Products

[Bullet] Thermocouples for Plastics & Rubber Industries Includes adjustable bayonet, fixed bayonet, surface, and melt styles.

[Bullet] General Purpose Thermocouple Styles Includes probe and surface mount styles.
[Bullet] Compression fitting styles, MGO insulated and heavy industry style thermocouples.
[Bullet] We can quickly supply custom thermocouple assemblies of virtually any design in small or large quantities.
[Bullet] A full line of thermocouple accessories allow us to satisfy all your temperature sensing needs.
[Bullet]We carry a large inventory of Thermocouple Wire and Thermocouple Extension Wire.
[Bullet] We have the application experience to help you select the right product for your application. Contact ISE

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